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From LDS to Jesus – Matt's Testimony

January 17, 2009

Matt was born and raised in the Mormon church and describes his experiences in Mormonism and why he left.

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  1. Tom permalink
    February 28, 2009 5:56 am

    The LDS Church doesn’t claim a monopoly on the Holy Ghost. We believe that Jesus and the gifts of the Spirit exist outside the LDS Church. I think this kid too narrowly interpreted LDS doctrine, as many members of our church do.

    I too have come to know Jesus Christ through the Bible and to rejoice in the salvation He offers me. This knowledge has not destroyed my faith in the LDS Church but has strengthened it.

    Finally – his mission companion was wrong to say what he said and while he may have read statements from past church leaders (presumably McConkie) about African Americans, he obviously missed the one where Mcconkie said he had given his opinion and he was wrong.

    Also, just because we read the words of the prophets doesn’t mean we interpret them properly.

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