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Adam's Road (Ex-Mormon, Christian band)

September 2, 2008

In a Salt Lake Tribune article last week (8.23.08), and in various sites on the internet a story broke about 5 former Mormons (some of them were missionaries) who are now traveling the country as born-again Christians in a Christian band called Adam’s Road. One of the band members, Micah Wilder, was the first to discover major differences between the Mormon gospel and the gospel of the Bible when he took on the challenge of trying to prove to an evangelical pastor that Mormonism was Biblical. After finding that the Bible’s message was salvation by grace alone through faith alone, Micah placed his faith in the Jesus of the Bible and started sharing with his missionary friends what he was discovering in the NT that contradicted Mormon teachings. He and his friend Joseph shared in a YouTube interview about how they were both demoted from leadership positions on their mission because they were pointing people to Christ instead of the LDS church. Micah’s parents followed their son’s promptings to study the NT as well as Mormon history, and they have now both left the LDS Church after being active Mormons for 30 years. Micah’s mother gave up a tenured position at BYU.

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